Auditions and Recruitment

Chorus Rehearsals: Wednesday 7:30pm
Our first chorus rehearsal will take place on 4th September. Please come along if you are interested in joining Brent Opera.

Soloists Rehearsals: Monday Evenings
Venue: St Andrew's Church, London NW3 7DY

We have vacancies for chorus singers in all parts (soprano, alto, tenor, bass), as well as for actors, dancers and stage crew. We would be delighted to welcome anyone interested in working with the company to come to one of our open auditions, where you will be asked to sing a short piece of your own choice.

For chorus singers an ability to read music is helpful, though not essential. More important is a good ear and a willingness to get up on stage (not as frightening as it sounds!). The most important qualities, however, are enthusiasm and commitment.
 Click here for contact details.

Open soloist auditions are held for every production.

Our next production will be Verdi's Rigoletto which will run from 5th-8th February 2020.

Please contact Sara at regarding auditions.

Roles are below:
(*Page numbers refer to Edition= Schirmer 45609, ed. Thomas Martin, 1957)
† same voice type!

Duke of Mantua, Tenor, "Questa o quella" P5-8
Alternative aria: "La donna è mobile"

Matteo Borsa, a courtier-tenor-(No 4 Tutta è festa)from "in furia" P18-33
Alternative aria: any (short if possible!) Verdi aria in English†

Notes for auditionees

We know that preparing for an audition takes effort; that being judged is no fun; that it takes courage to enter and sing.
We appreciate your courage and hard work in advance. And it's the only fair way for us to get a feel for you and - if all goes well - offer you a role.

Audition material
We'd ideally like to hear material from RIgoletto, in English. We only have one round so we need to cut to the chase!
We'd prefer to hear the "preferred material" for your role (see list)
Italian aria/recit titles are just for reference
*Page numbers refer to Edition= Schirmer 45609, ed. Thomas Martin, 1957

Alternatives to preferred Rigoletto music
If you haven't got time to prepare that, then an italian aria, preferably Verdi, is okay
However, please sing in English if you can; it's not going to help us much to know your Italian is great!
As a last resort, rather than not hear you sing, we'd rather hear you sing in Italian.

Memorising the aria or material in English isn't expected. Especially true if it's a "bitty" role (no arias as such)
However, if you do make the effort, it will obviously help your case if it goes well! Especially true for Gilda, Duke, Rigoletto, Maddalena.

Final note: intelligent music choices.
Please make it easy for us to want to have you!
If you bring Handel or Purcell or something irrelevant to a Verdi audition, it's hard for us to know what to make of it. It's not the way to get cast anyway!
It doesn't tell us anything we need to know about how you'd sing in that style/voice Fach. It's just not helpful to your cause.
If you can't bring Verdi, please at least bring something in a similar Fach/style (Italian Verismo or at least 2nd half of C19)

Thanks in advance...
Thanks in advance for your work.
We all appreciate that greatly and look forward to the chance to hear you sing!


(Principals , up to £150)

(Chorus, £75)

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